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apple-polisher 马屁精

例如:She is a real apple-polisher for the way she"s crawling around the boss
and making eyes at him.她是一个马屁精,整天围着老板眉来眼去的。

as busy as a bee  (象蜜蜂)忙忙碌碌的

as graceful as a swan  (象天鹅)姿态优雅的

as gentle as a lamb  (象羊羔)性情温顺的

as cunning as a fox  (象狐狸)一样狡猾的

as poor as a church mouse  一贫如洗 


I"m beat.  我非常疲乏。

beat gums  空洞无物、废话连篇的讲话

bell the cat  为众人的利益承担风险

black sheep  害群之马

Buddy, where is john?  要上厕所?

Bungee jumping  蹦极跳

Stop bugging me, man!喂,别烦我了。


blue collar  蓝领

white collar  白领

pink collar  粉领族(指和蓝领体力工人相当的女性工人)

gold-collar workers 金领族(一般都有一技之长,对公司工作的方方面面都十分了解,甚至对公司的利润大小和收益都有直接的重要影响。他们的工作环境优雅,职业体面,有着丰厚的收入和稳固的经济地位)


dog-eared books  读得卷了边的书

dog sleep  不时惊醒的睡眠

dog-tired  像狗一样的累

dog watch  夜班

old dog  上了岁数的人、老手

a sly dog  偷鸡摸狗者

a yellow dog  杂种狗、卑鄙可耻的小人

a big dog  看门狗、保镖;要人

You"re a lucky dog!  你真是个幸运儿!

hot dog  热狗

dog nose  啤酒与杜松子酒的混合酒

a dog in a blanket  葡萄卷饼或卷布丁

as faithful as a dog  像狗一般的忠诚,在西方文化中,狗是"忠实、卖力、辛劳"的化身

He that lies down with dogs must rise up with flea 近朱者赤,近墨者黑

A good dog deserves a good bone 西方人论功行赏时常说"好狗应有好骨头" a

a dog in the manger  占着马槽(不拉屎)

Honey, I forget to duck  亲爱的,我忘记闪开了。


eat crow  由于夸大其词或过分自信,最后不得不承认错误。

eat his words  食言

out at elbows  捉襟见肘

elbow one"s way  用胳膊肘挤来挤去为自己开道

get a black eye  被别人打青了眼睛

mind your eye  叫别人当心

blink our eyes  眨眼睛

flash our eyes at sth.  瞟一眼

make eyes  抛媚眼

cast sheep"s eye  暗送秋波

You have an eye for something.  有眼光有见解

finely arched eyebrows  纤细的弓形眉

pencil the eyebrows  描眉

eyebrow pencil  眉笔

rough bushy eyebrows  浓密的粗眉

eyelash grower  睫毛膏

eyelash curler  卷睫毛器

without turning an eyelash  泰然自若,不动声色

not bat an eyelid  没合眼睡觉

not bat an eyelid  对事情泰然自若

hang on by the eyelids  事情危在旦夕


face the music  不得不接受惩罚、承担后果,必须承受出现的局面

a matter of face  面子攸关的事情

lose face  丢面子

例如:He knew he was wrong, but he would not admit it for fear of losing face.

save one"s face  挽回面子

pull a long face  拉长了脸

make a face at you  对你做个鬼脸

have the face  厚颜无耻

例如:I"m so surprised that you have the face to do so!你怎么有脸做出这样的事!

cold fish  态度冷冰冰,没有热情的人。

drink like a fish  牛饮 

flats  平跟鞋

footfall  客流量

例如:We strive to show booksellers what we are doing to support them and
drive footfall into their stores.我们要努力向图书商展示我们将如何支持他们,并使更多的客人进入他们的商店。


green eyed  嫉妒

green finger(thumb)?把大伙干不好的活都干得漂漂亮亮

例如:A person with green finger has a magic touch that makes plants grow well and quickly.长着绿手指的人是有魔法的,只要他一碰,植物就长的又快又好。 

green hand  生手

例如: I"m still green at my job.我依然是个新手。

green light 允许、许可

例如: I"m only waiting for the green light from you.我在等您的允许。

green revolution  绿色革命

例如:These developing countries produced enough food to serve their people after green revolution.绿色革命后,这些发展中国家就生产出足够的粮食来满足国民的需要。

the green years  青春年华


He is ripe in years but green in heart.  形容某人是老当益壮

lose your heart to someone  和某人谈恋爱   

lack heart  缺乏勇气

win your heart  赢得你的心

broken heart  破碎的心

heart of stone  石头心肠

pour out your heart  倾吐你的心事

have a heart  可怜可怜你

his heart in the right place  他的心肠是很好的

not to wear your heart on your sleeve  不要太情绪化

Don"t take the failure to your heart.  别为失败而难过

lose heart  失去信心

your heart of gold  金子般的心,美好心灵

write a letter to her and declared your heart.  写信表达爱慕之情

Don"t let your heart get cold.  不要让你的热情冷却下来

a man after her own heart  正和她心意的人

put your heart at rest  放下心来

straight from the horse"s mouth  来自权威和可靠的消息。


I was welcomed with open arms.  我被热烈欢迎。


Jargon  行话


keep a good house  招待周到

例如:I haven"t got a good house, but I"ll keep a good house.我没有好的房子,但我会招待周到的。

kill someone with kindness  热情的让人受不了

know sth. like the palm of one"s hand 了如指掌


lashes  睫毛

lead a cat-and-dog life  过着不和睦的、敌对的生活。

lead a double life  婚外恋、婚外情

leather boots  皮靴

love at first sight  一见钟情

lummox  傻大个儿

例如:The lummox has loused up their company"s whole business.那个傻大个儿把公司的买卖搞的一团糟.


lean meat  瘦肉

fat meat  肥肉

salted meat  咸肉

fresh meat  鲜肉

smoked meat (bacon)  熏肉

strong meat  难以消化的食品,难理解的事物

grill the meat  在烤架上把肉烤得滋滋冒油

fry the meat  把肉炒一下

a meaty book  一本有实际内容的好书

you young monkey  小淘气鬼

Stop monkeying with my camera! 别摆弄我的相机!

make a mokey (out) of  愚弄、耍弄

例如:You suddenly realized that you had been made a monkey (out) of by your opponents.你就会突然发现自己被对手给耍了。

monkey business  耍些骗人的把戏、捣鬼

例如:You suspected monkey business at the polls.你怀疑选举投票中有鬼。

Monkey  代表500美元

例如:He won a monkey at the horse races.他在跑马中赢了500美元


Nature calls  要上厕所。

pain in the neck  讨厌、恶心

例如:You gave me an awful pain in the neck.你真让我觉得讨厌。

up to one"s neck  忙的不可开交

break one"s neck  努力地、拼命地做事

例如:I"m really up to my neck in my work today, I couldn"t get away from the office till 6:30. So I had to break my neck to get to my sister"s engagement party at 7 o"clock.我今天忙得不可开交,因为我不能6:30下班,所以我必须拼命地做事才能参加我妹妹7:00的订婚宴会。

save one"s neck  免受苦难或惩罚

例如:The fighter planes saved our necks.空军的战斗机保全了我们的生命。

crane one"s neck to see sth.  伸长脖子看什么东西

never say uncle  嘴硬,不肯服输、不肯承认。

例如:I refused to say uncle no matter how they threatened me.无论他们怎样吓唬我,我都不肯服输。

Tom never says uncle. He wouldn"t admit he"s wrong for the life of him.汤姆的嘴特硬,打死都不肯承认错误。

nitpicker  爱吹毛求疵的人(nitpicker means a kind of person who always criticizes others by noticing small and unimportant differences)


one track-minded  单轨思维,大脑不灵活,缺乏灵活的思维能力

例如:If you are a track-minded person, you will not understand what I intend.如果你是一根筋的人,你就无法领会我的意图了。

one"s cup of tea  某人喜欢的事情

例如:That"s not my cup of tea.那不是我喜欢的事。


I hope you"ll soon be in the pink again.  我希望你早点恢复健康。

play the woman  撒娇

pupil  瞳孔



his right man  他的得力助手

The Last Rose of Summer  夏天的最后一朵玫瑰

The Way-Side Rose  路边的玫瑰

the rose of the party  晚会上最美丽、最引人注目的女孩

Everything is comimg up roses.  自己经历的每件事都非常顺利、圆满.

Life is not all roses.  人生并不是十全十美。

No rose without a thorn.  没有不带刺的玫瑰;

rosy view  乐观看法

rosy prospect  美好前景

have roses in your cheeks  面色红润


sandals  凉鞋

set the world on fire  一些震撼世界的杰出成就

platform shoes  厚底鞋

lace up your shoes  系鞋带

common as an old shoe  不摆架子,平易近人

be in another"s shoes  处于别人的位置

die in shoes  暴死街头

My shoes bite (me).  鞋子穿了脚疼

hiking shoes  旅游鞋

sports shoes (sneakers)  运动鞋

for a song  很便宜

例如:I bought this house for a song.我以很便宜的价格卖了这座房子。

soul mate 性情相同的人、精神上的伙伴、性情相同

例如:I wouldn"t marry anyone until I run into a soul mate of mine.碰不到性情相同的人决不结婚。

It"s a steal!  真便宜

stew  用小火慢慢地炖

sticky business  让人左右为难的事


two-faced  两面派

例如:How could he be so two-faced? 他怎么能这么阴一套阳一套的?




in hot water  处在困境之中

in smooth water  进入顺境

spend money like water  花钱大手大脚

pour cold water on your idea  向你的这个想法浇点冷水  

wedge heel  坡跟鞋
wolf down his food  狼吞虎咽地吃东西

cry wolf  谎言欺人

例如:That politician cries wolf in every speech he makes.那个政治家在他的每篇演说中都发出的警报。

from the word go  立刻,马上

例如:When Mary and I met, I was dazzled. But I learned right away we
had nothing in common. I knew from the word go it wouldn"t work no matter
how beautiful she was。当我和玛丽初次见面时,我被她迷住了。但很快我知道我们没有任何共同之处。我马上意识到不管她有多么漂亮,我们之间都不会有结果。




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